Tom Matthews
Artist Statement

I use mechanically reproduced pedestrian items such as used school chairs, industrial aprons and matchbooks to construct sculpture.  I do not alter the items; instead I alter their context by orchestrating their orientation into rhythmic patterns of formal symmetry transforming them from utilitarian functional objects into temporary formal and conceptual sculpture.


Traces of the human experience are left behind on the items and it is this essence or ghost image that I am interested in exploring.  My drawings are an attempt to capture this essence in the physical world.  There is humanity in each object and they all reveal the touch of a human body.  The remnants of those lives left behind and the spirit of what a single item can mean to a person is the essence of what the sculptures and drawings represent. 


I feel a sense of redemption, and rescue with these objects, and view the sculptures created with them, as the summation of a sculptural equation.  I feel I’m linking the past lives of each item, to the pieces I create.  I am recycling discarded items, which touched, both physically and mentally, numerous human lives.